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We are also going to be integrating a specialty nutritional supplement into our work called JuicePlus. It’s a very impressive extract derived from 27 different fruits, vegetables and grains.
We also encourage patients to grow their own food. It’s one of the easiest(less costly ways) to stay Organic, GMO-free and fosters sustainable practices. The tower garden encourages variety and, is a convenient aeroponic space minimizing growing station. Learn more at: www.drdrains.towergarden.com


​Dr. Peter D'adamo creator of the The Blood Type Diets™, and Gentotypic Diets.  Dr. Drains had the pleasrure of completing clinical roations at  the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine at the University of Bridgeport, under the supervision of Dr. Peter D'adamo. We can definately integrate this method of personalized diet into your therapeutic plan is you so desire.

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What is JuicePlus? 

The USDA recommends we eat 7 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Most people don't come anywhere close. Clinically proven  Juice Plus+ helps you bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat, every day. The many health benefits of Juice Plus+ have been demonstrated through numerous independent clinical research studies conducted in leading hospitals and universities around the world.

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