Our Mission

We practice What we preach

We are committed to cultivating our own physical, mental and spiritual health so that we can offer a healing relationship based on grounded presence of mind and spirit.

We partner with you to identify the cause of your illness and restore balance

We are committed to uncovering the underlying causes of imbalance that lead to dysfunction, and we work with you to correct these imbalances.

We offer coaching to help you embrace daily dietary and lifestyle habits that promote optimal wellness while using gentle,effective medicines to restore normal physiology, including hydrotherapy, botanicals, homeopathics, Holisitic Nutrition, aromatherapy, detoxification, herbal preparations, bach flower essences, mind body therapy, ayurveda and other forms of natural therapies.

​We also work to nuture you mental, emotional and spiritual health to achieve holistic wellness.

We create sustained health thru education

The only way to sustain improved health is to become your own health care activist. We would love for you to achieve a level of wellness where you no longer need regular appointments with your Naturopathic provider. In order to help you get there, we will:

  • Provide you with copies of your results
  • Teach you how to manage acute illness by yourself at home, and
  • Instruct you on the origins of your condition so you can take proactive health measures.

​​Our clients often begin to educate others about what they've learned and become ambassadors of health in their families and communities

We collaborate with other providers for improved health outcomes

We try to work in consultation with any other providers you may be seeing. We believe that each person brings something valuable to the healing process, and that by working together we can all provide the best quality of care possible.

We at Riverbirch Holistic Health also participate in a collaborative environment that fosters the growth of a health paradigm based on wellness and prevention to further goals. We are conveniently located within the "Five Elements of Healing" Complex which houses four Massage Therapists, a Reflexologist & Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, Meditation Coach an Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

Riverbirch Holistic Health is a naturopathic practice that provides comprehensive holistic and alternative care to those of all ages and with all health concerns. Michelle brings her unique set of strengths and talents and works whole-heartedly with clients to clear the path for healing. Thru this working relationship, our clients grow in health and happiness by enjoying more of what is serving them and discarding what isn’t.