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In 2009, her curiosities led her to pursue her Master’s in Nutrition and Doctorate in Naturopathic  Medicine at the University of Bridgeport in Coastal CT. There she learned how to blend Conventional medical techniques and clinical training with natural, effective, non-invasive systems of medicine to bring about body balance and wellness. Trained to support the body’s natural healing processes stimulate the body’s vital force and prevent further disease from occurring. During her clinical experience at UB, she had the opportunity to complete specialty rotations within the fields of Oncology, Homeopathy, First Line Therapeutics, personalized medicine, mind body therapy and physical medicine. She was also able to assist in providing holistic care to out-patient low income community clinics and in-patient substance abuse projects. She also had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the greatest minds in the field including Dr. Peter D’adamo creator of the “Eat Right for your type® and Genotype diets, and Dr. Jody Noe renowned ethnobotanist, expert in native medicine and specialist in Integrative Oncology.”

To further cultivate her passion Michelle continuously endeavors to learn all she can about various classical healing modalities, so that she may better serve her clients. She is currently pursuing professional licencsure in Vermont. Michelle believes strongly in the healing power of nature and the innate ability of the human organism to heal itself. She is dedicated to creating long-lasting connections with her clients and consistently guides them on their journey to optimal health--- empowering her clients with knowledge and skills, so that they can make healthy choices and maintain their health both now and in the future.

"20 years ago if I were to say to my teacher 'I want to study herbs' as part of my career she probably would've questioned if 'I liked to cook'. It sounds incredibly laughable as I think of it now, but our medicine  has indeed come along way"

  Inspired by the Traditional wisdom of her Native American Elders, Michelle at an early age acquired a passion for herbs, nutrition and alternative medicine. Her Passion for health and healing lead her to advance her course of study by attended Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture, where she gained her bachelors in Botany and Biological Sciences. While attending, her interests in herbal medicine permeated into the DVC curriculum, where she was able to facilitate the formation of Applied Botany Classes. In these classes students have the opportunity to build upon concepts learned in Basic Botany through hands on exploration of the culinary, artistic and medicinal usages of plants. Topics ranged from creation of fermentation and distilling processes, to dye production, wild crafting, with extensive investigations on regional and exotic ethnobotany.


“If there were no plants, we wouldn't be here. We breathe in what they breathe out. That is how we learn from them.” ~Keetwuah, Cherokee Healer.

Michelle Drains  ND, M.Sc

Naturopathic Doctor/ Clinical Herbalist