PHASE 2: Fat Burning

DAYS 8 - 21 : Accelerate your weight loss efforts during Phase 2. Specially created to target stubborn fat, during these weeks you will reach the maximum phase of fat loss. In this Phase, you’ll shed those extra pounds of fat and ultimately feel better both physically and emotionally!

PHASE 1: Detox

Kick off your weight loss journey with an invigorating cleanse! Phase 1 will curb those cravings for sweet, fatty and salty foods while supporting your weight loss efforts. Bursting with fruits and vegetables, this detox is the first step to the brand new you.

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TLS stands for “Transitions Lifestyle Solution” and guarantees a lifetime of you healthy ideal body when following the program. In addition to supplements, food guidance, exercise recommendation, we also provide you with continuous support AND recipes. There is also a comprehensive 12 week Journal that helps to educate and keep track (beyond your 21 days) in addition to a helpful mobile app. We've  also creating a FB group for those in the challenge to share recipes, support and healthy living tips!

The TLS has 4 components:

  • Low Glycemic Impact eating “It’s about eating more, not eating less”
  • “Body Composition- “Focusing on fat loss instead of weight loss”
  • Science-based supplementation “Working with your body to enhance weight loss efforts.
  • EDUCATION! Being aware and changing unhealthy behaviors for LIFE

Our 21 Day Challenge is designed for maximum weight loss. This challenge includes two phases: Phase 1 is a cleanse — a fresh start for your body that prepares it for the second step. Phase 2 is the fat-burning phase, where fat and inches are lost. Use our simple and straightforward guide to change your life, today.